We’ve created a big house for you to play in, serving food and drinks non-stop everyday. Different rooms for different moods with a particularly large kitchen, as in my experience, everyone ends up there anyway!  There’s a dining room with grand tables for formal dinners, breakfast bar area for quick snacks and coffees, retro formica kitchen area for casual meals, a kids play area and now a huge sunny decked terrace out front.


OPEN 9am - midnight OUVERT 9h - minuit


Fri 29 Squid Lips 16h

Sat 30 Jon D 16h

Sun 31 Rich Rat 16h



Wed 3 James Dolan 16h 

Thurs 4 Squid Lips 16h

Fri/vend 5 VBP 16h

Sat/sam 6 Wilson 16h

Sun/dim 7 Rich Rat 16h


Thurs/jeu 14 REPAS DANSANT 

Alexis Evans trio 19h

Fri/vend 15 VBP 16h

Sat/sam 16 Jan EDGAR 20h